“Nadia, Morgan, and Elsie were some of the best instructors I’ve ever had. They were professional, organized, fun, and seriously cranked out an incredible course despite all the COVID-19 limitations. I learned an incredible amount in this 80 hour course and I look forward to learning from DMM again in the future when I re-certify. Thanks for making this week of class so fun!”
Red Rocks Community College WFR

“The instructors ROCKED! They did not make anyone feel bad in the learning process. AWESOME PEOPLE! I can’t imagine an all-women’s course without them.”

Women's Wild Med Program WFR

“Thanks again for considering public safety at this difficult time. I’ll be re-certifying with your organization as long as I work in the outdoors!”

Remote HWRC Student (Adapted for COVID-19)

Thank you! Johann (instructor) did a great job of making 8 hours of Zoom class engaging and interesting! :)”

Remote HWRC Student (Adapted for COVID-19)

All the instructors did a great job making everything interesting, challenging, and fun. I liked the way we were given the chance to work with students from other teams. The visual effects used for scenarios were awesome! Would recommend it!”


“Instructors made a welcoming environment and were extremely knowledgeable on the topics.”

Aspen School District WFA, Aspen, CO

“This was a great course that was very informative and well organized. It was super engaging and hands on. I loved it!”

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps WFA

“Super fun course with a lot of very useful information. The instructor did an amazing job.”

Alpine Achievers WFA, Saguache, CO

“The course was informative, light-hearted, and drastically improved my effectiveness as a SAR volunteer”

Lake County Search and Rescue WFR

“This was the best re-cert course I have ever taken. Morgan was a great instructor and the learning materials were really good. Thank you all!”