DMM Illness Protocols – Revised April 1, 2023

During the pandemic, DMM put in place firm safety protocols to prevent COVID transmission during class. This has been very effective at mitigating transmission of COVID, and not surprisingly, transmission of other illnesses as well. As a result, we have been able to continue to offer uninterrupted courses throughout the pandemic. We will continue to monitor and manage any and all contagious illnesses to prevent their spread among our course participants (e.g. the cold, flu, strep throat, norovirus, COVID-19, etc ).

Moving forward, DMM will continue to require:

  • Masks and gloves during scenarios and practice sessions (indoor and outdoor)
  • Hand sanitizer to be used between patients in scenarios
  • Students to be symptom-free from illness during all courses

For DMM open enrollment courses, DMM does not require masks during lectures, nor do we require COVID vaccinations for students or instructors. For courses offered by course providers or at host locations, DMM defers to the protocols of the host and course provider policies.

Instances of illness during courses will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If a student contracts an illness beyond the common cold (COVID, strep, the flu) they will not be allowed to continue the course, but will be allowed to take another DMM course at no extra cost within 1 year of their original course. Additional travel costs are the responsibility of the student. 

Please know that DMM cannot guarantee your health and safety. You must make your own risk assessment before deciding to attend class.

We will keep you informed of any guideline changes from the CDC, WHO, and state health departments that may affect our courses.

Thank you for your patience and stay healthy!


The Desert Mountain Medicine Team