Registration & Cancellation Policies

Tuition & Student Registration

Full payment must be received to be considered a registered participant.

DMM Course Cancelation

Desert Mountain Medicine reserves the right to cancel a course at any time. In this instance, we will contact all students and issue a full refund.

Student Cancelations

Cancelations must be properly communicated to the DMM office. The timing of the cancelation notification in reference to the course start date will determine whether tuition fees are: refunded, credited or forfeited.

Start date for standard courses = 1st day of in-person classroom or field section.

Start date for hybrid courses = 1st day of online course section. Notification deadlines are as follows:

  • 1 month or earlier cancelation notification = full refund, less $25 administration fee.
  • 48-hour-30 day cancelation = full credit, redeemable with DMM for up-to one year of the original course start date.
  • Cancelations made within 48 hours of course start will forfeit their tuition payment.*

* Exceptions certainly exist. Please contact DMM with special inquiries.