Wilderness First Aid for Trail Runners (WFA-TR)

The Wilderness First Aid course is a great introduction to wilderness medicine and basic life support skills. This course is designed specifically for trail runners who are interested in learning more about how to respond in the event of a backcountry emergency. This training focuses on prevention, assessment, and treatment of injuries and illnesses common to trail runners. This course will also delve into nutrition and hydration management.

This specialty course is taught by Desert Mountain Medicine instructors who are employed as either professional mountain guides, or outdoor educators, in combination with emergency medicine (e.g., emergency department, mountain rescue, bike patrol or EMS).

Upcoming Wilderness First Aid for Trail Runners Courses:

WFA for Trail Runners

No courses currently scheduled, please check back or contact us.

Hours: 24

Length:  3 Days

Training:  CPR, WFA, WAT

Prerequisite: None

CEU: None


  • Traumatic Injuries Associated with Trail Running
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Intro To Backcountry Communication Devices
  • Specific Litter Building
  • Basic Documentation
  • Basics of Calling a Rescue
  • Urban vs Wilderness Medicine
  • Intro to Wilderness Recreation Law & Liability
  • Basic Wilderness Medicine Guidelines
  • Intro to Wilderness Risk Management
  • Patient Assessment
  • Basic Life Support
  • Red Flag Backcountry Medical Problems
  • Wilderness Anaphylaxis Training