COVID-19 March 17, 2020 Update

We value the health and well being of our students, staff, and families and you should know that we take measures to protect these communities very seriously. DMM is closely following developments in COVID-19 (coronavirus) and due to the uncertain nature of this virus some students and staff are understandably concerned. At this time, we have postponed many courses and they will be held at a later date. All students who have been affected by this have been notified.  As the situation evolves, DMM’s response may change and we appreciate your patience. Please know that we are following the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local state travel advisories.

COVID-19 March 26, 2020 Update

For our students who are directly affected by wilderness medicine provider course cancellations:

All DMM certifications that expire between March 1st and May 1st, 2020 will obtain a 6-month extension upon request. New cards will be issued as requested by contacting our office: [email protected] | 719-486-7260.

If WFR refresher courses continue to cancel past May 1st, 2020 due to health and safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic or your previous 6-month extension will expire, DMM will issue a 1 year extension after successful completion of our Remote Hybrid WRC.

Please contact the wilderness medicine provider who issued your most recent certification to find out more about their policies around extensions or visit the WMEC site for direct links to its members.

COVID-19 April 7, 2020 Update

The DMM headquarters, sponsors, and course providers in neighboring states are tentatively planning on running some select courses June 2020 until further notice.

Once we resume our classroom sessions, we will continue to follow our standard precautions and our instructors will be ever vigilant about hand washing and sanitizing communal surfaces (with Sani or Clorox wipes or a 10% bleach spray). As always, students that are ‘rescuers’ will wear nitrile gloves when running scenarios and skill stations and will be reminded to cough and sneeze in their elbow and away from others. This is a good time to reinforce PPE, group safety and awareness as a first responders.  We will leave it to the discretion of the instructor team to ask students or co-instructors to leave the course if they are starting to feel sick or exhibit signs and symptoms of an illness. Our number one priority is to keep our staff, students, and surrounding community safe during a course.

COVID-19 April 17, 2020 Update

Our Remote Hybrid WRC (R-HWRC) is currently open for registration for those of you who are interested in continuing education and extending your WAFA, WFR and WFR Recertification cards for 1-year. We now have 4 R-HWRC courses open for registration:

R-HWRC sections open for registration:

  • May 23-34 (Online section starts May 3 and must be complete May 22)
  • June 6 – 7 (Online section starts May 7 and must be complete June 5)
  • June 18 – 19 (Online section starts May 18 and must be complete June 17)
  • June 30 – July 1 (Online section starts May 30 and must be complete June 29)

We will keep you informed of any guideline changes from the CDC, WHO, and state health departments that may affect our courses.

Thank you for your patience and stay healthy!


The Desert Mountain Medicine Team