WFA for Winter Backcountry Users

Provider: Colorado Adventure Guides
Course Dates: February 2, 2024 - February 4, 2024
Course Location:
204 Ryan Gulch Rd
Silverthorne, CO 80498
Course Cost: $495.00

Course Info

Colorado Adventure Guides in partnership with Desert Mountain Medicine are proud to offer our AIARE AVALANCHE RESCUE + WILDERNESS FIRST AID combo course.  This 3-day course will help you gain a full understanding of the skills and training needed in a real-life avalanche rescue and/or medical scenario. In every avalanche rescue course you will learn what to do in the case of an avalanche, all the way up until you recover a victim. But what next? That is not the end. This is where your medical training will come into play and that is why we have developed this combo Rescue/Medical course.

The 2-day WFA course is an introduction to wilderness medicine for winter backcountry users. The WFA covers basic life support (CPR) as well as some traumatic injuries and environmental illnesses common with winter recreation. The 3rd day is an AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course.

Registration Information

This is an open enrollment course. Please visit Colorado Adventure Guides to learn more or to register.

Course Location

Summit County Area, Colorado

Summit County is the heart of Colorado Adventure Guides operation with access to thousands of acres of ridge lines, slopes, and valleys. Summit County's high altitude makes for great snow conditions all season long and provides a wide variety of backcountry accessibility for all levels of backcountry skiers. They always plan to use a variety of zones to ensure our clients experience the best snow conditions available for the planned course days. With over 3,500 permitted acres in the Dillon and surrounding Ranger Districts, there is always a variety of options for terrain and conditions to meet the learning objectives of the courses offered.

Private Courses

Have a large group that needs a wilderness medicine training? We will gladly set up a private course for your group. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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