If you’re registered for a hybrid course, you’ll receive an email with instructions to access your designated Desert Mountain Medicine (DMM) online learning platform called CANVAS®. You will not be able to log into CANVAS® without following the invite instructions that you will receive via email from DMM even if currently have or have had a CANVAS® account. Expect the online portion of your class to take the hours mentioned in your welcome letter for your specific course. It is essential that you give yourself enough time to complete the entire online portion of your course, including the midterm exam. You cannot complete all the work in a single day – students have tried and found themselves stressed out and unprepared for the in-person portion of their course, only to have to reschedule into a later course to give themselves adequate time to complete the online portion. 

Use the instructional videos as examples to guide your practice on real, live people. You will be tested on your ability to take accurate vitals and perform a primary assessment on day one of your in-person course. You don’t want the first time you perform these skills to be when the instructor is testing you on them. We cannot stress how important it is that you practice the skills taught in the online portion of the class out loud on real people. Yes, we know it’s a little awkward, but these assessment skills form the foundation of your training that you’ll return to again and again, so they need to be second nature before your first day of classroom learning begins.


The online section consists of reading assignments, case studies, videos, photos and animations to help you practice hands-on at home before we meet in person. Each module has a quiz to test your knowledge on specific topics and a culminating midterm exam that challenges your overall understanding of patient care. The online section MUST be completed by midnight of the day prior to the start date of the classroom section.

The hybrid format works best for self-motivated individuals with good time management skills that have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone and high-speed internet. This instructional format provides opportunities for course participants to learn at their own speed, during their most convenient times, in their own space.

The online section will be available to you approximately one month before the classroom section begins. At that time, you will receive an email invitation from CANVAS® (be sure to check your SPAM folder). This invitation will provide all the necessary information for you to login. Download the CANVAS® application if you will be working on a phone or tablet.

Getting Started & Announcements 

After you have successfully logged-in, click the link to get started or select the Announcements tab. From here, you will find a course outline and welcome letter. Please read the welcome letter since it will orient you to the online course format and provide important information (e.g., password to the videos).

Help & Support – Discussions Tab
You can post any questions you may have about the online content here. Simply select the Discussions tab and create a new discussion. We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Completion of Online Materials
To be eligible to continue to the classroom section of the hybrid WRC course you must have completed all modules and the mid-term exam in CANVAS®.

On day one of the in-person, classroom section we hit the ground running at an intense pace. At the start of the course you will be evaluated on the patient assessment skills you reviewed online:

  1. Taking and interpreting a set of vitals
  2. Primary assessment
  3. Secondary assessment

NOTE: If you are not proficient in demonstrating the skills listed above (1 through 3) on the first day of class you may not be able to continue with the course.