Throwbaggin'This three-day course is designed to meet the needs of professional river guides and is a must for recreational river runners and anyone finding themselves working on or near the water. This intensive 24-hour class has four hours of classroom instruction followed by two and a half days of developing and practicing skills on the river. Governmental emergency personnel such as fire and police need to take the NFPA Swiftwater Rescue Training.

Course Curriculum Summary:

  • Identifying River Hazards
  • Self Rescue
  • Tethered Swimmers / Contact Rescues
  • Throwbag Deployment
  • Boat Based / Shore Based Rescues
  • Foot and Body Entrapment
  • Knots
  • Mechanical Advantage and Technical Rope Systems
  • Quick, Smooth, Effective Rescue Technique

This course can be taught as a three-day course, or a two-day course with two evening components regarding risk management techniques/policies, decision making and legal matters concerning expedition trip leaders, outfitters and company personnel as a whole.

Swiftwater Safety Institute

Swiftwater Safety Institute will be facilitating all of the Swiftwater Rescue classes. For more information or to view their course schedule, please visit