Certification Length

Three years (no grace period)

  • WFR
  • WRC
  • WAFA
  • W-Upgrade
  • EM
  • CPR

Two years (no grace period)

  • WFA
  • BFA
  • CPR

Recertification Guidelines

  • You can register for a WFR Refresher course with any wilderness medicine provider as long as your certification is valid (not expired).
  • If you have expired and are within your grace period contact the company that you wish to recertify with and ask them about their policies.
  • If you have expired and are no longer within your grace period you will have to take a full wilderness first responder course again.  We suggest that you take a full course after 3 recertification courses to solidify your knowledge base and practice more skills through scenarios.

Replacement Cards

If you have taken class with us before November 2016 please contact us directly via email  [email protected]

If you have taken a class after November 2016 your completion cards can be found in your student account on our website. Click on the “student” login take on the homepage.